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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Collection: American Landmarks
Year Released Year Retired Collection eBay
16.9 Cents Per Gallon19921999American Landmarks20
Country Church19891992American Landmarks43
Countryside Barn19891992American Landmarks83
Covered Memories19901993American Landmarks31
Falls Mill19891992American Landmarks30
Fire House 119911997American Landmarks70
Fresh Bread19941999American Landmarks30
Gold Miner's Claim19921997American Landmarks61
Great Point Light19901999American Landmarks21
Harvest Mill19941999American Landmarks52
Holy Night19941999American Landmarks40
Home For The Holidays19962000American Landmarks51
Home Sweet Home19921998American Landmarks51
Hometown Depot19901993American Landmarks42
Lobster At The Pier19972000American Landmarks11
Mail Pouch Barn19891993American Landmarks42
Nature's Bounty19992000American Landmarks01
Pepsi Cola Barn19901991American Landmarks41
Pioneer Barn19901991American Landmarks51
Rambling Rose19911995American Landmarks00
Riverside Chapel19901993American Landmarks81
Roadside Coolers19901994American Landmarks112
School Days19911997American Landmarks42
See Rock City19931997American Landmarks40
Seek & Find19972000American Landmarks10
Shave And A Haircut19931997American Landmarks63
Sign Of The Times19901996American Landmarks70
Simply Amish19931998American Landmarks73
Small Town Library19921995American Landmarks62
Spring Victorian19941998American Landmarks30
The Birdsong19941997American Landmarks41
Watson's Collectibles19992000American Landmarks10

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