Lilliput Lane Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection eBay
A Cherry Coke...Just The Prescription19951999Coca-Cola61
A Coven of Witches20032005England00
A Cut Above20032004England20
A Drop of the Irish20002005Irish04
A Farmer's Life for Me20122015Limited Editions20
A Fishy On A Dishy20162016Collectors Club - Symbol of Membership00
A Heart Of Gold20022003England11
A La Ronde20052006England11
A Little Something20102016The British Collection, England42
Aan de Amstel19911998Netherlands22
Aberford Gate19931994Special Editions84
Acorn Cottage19821987England91
Acorn Cottage, Thirty Years On20122013Anniversary00
Adobe Church19841985American (1st)00
Adobe Village19841985American (1st)00
Afternoon Tea20072008Collectors' Club218
Afternoon Tea20072008Limited Editions218
Aira Force20102011Lakeland Bridges00
Aira Force20102011Visitor Centre Special00
Albert Memorial Clock20162016Ireland21
Alfresco Afternoons201420152014/2015 Club Symbol of Membership73
All I Want For Christmas20062006Christmas Specials13
All Saints Watermillock19961999Lakeland Christmas13
All The Fun Of The Fair20042006Limited Editions20
All Things Bright & Beautiful20002003England50
All's Well That Ends Well20112012England10
Alnwick Castle20132016Britain's Heritage Castles00
Alnwick Castle20142016Mono Splash00
Alte Schmiede19921998German10
Amazing Grace19992001England05
Amberley Rose19961997Special Editions72
Amisfield Tower19951998The British Collection, Scotland03
An Apple A Day20132014Collectors Club - Symbol of Membership103
Ancient Gables20132014The British Collection, England00
Anne Hathaway Cottage19831988England08
Anne Hathaway Cottage19891997England190
Anne Of Cleves19911996England42
Anniversary Edition of Big Ben20092009Limited Editions20
Anyone For Tennis20002002England02
Apothecary19971999Victorian Shops15
Appleby East19971999England56
Appleby Fair20022003Limited Editions64
Appleby Station20072009Limited Editions02
Applejack Cottage19941999England188
Apples 'N' Pears20022004England21
April Cottage20072007Anniversary388
April Cottage20072007England388
Arbury Lodge19971997Special Editions11
Arithmetic at The Old School House20112012Collectors' Club41
Armada House19911997England24
Ash Nook19891995England183
Ashberry Cottage19921992Special Editions10
Ashley Combe Lodge20082009England01
Ashness Bridge20102011Lakeland Bridges10
Audrey's Salon20132014Coronation St.01
Autumn Gold20022003England01
Autumn Hues19941997Year In English Garden75
Away From Home20022002Sales Promotion11
Away In A Manger20052006Nativity11

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