Lilliput Lane Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection eBay
Packhorse Bridge19861987Collectors' Club71
Painswick Post OfficePaint Your Own20
Paradise Lodge19911996England1210
Paradise Lodge Plate19961996Miscellaneous10
Paradise Lost20032003Sales Promotion31
Pargeter's Cottage20052006England11
Pargetter's Retreat19881990England103
Park Keeper's Cottage20162016The British Collection, Scotland12
Parsley Cottage20122013Collectors Club - Symbol of Membership124
Parson's Retreat19982000England44
Partridge Cottage19931997Christmas84
Passing Through20152016Limited Editions11
Pastoral Secret20112012England10
Pastures New19982001England14
Pat Cohan's Bar19891996Ireland72
Patterdale Cottage19951998Lakeland Christmas33
Patterdale Post Office20052007England11
Pawnbroker19971999Victorian Shops00
Paying Your Way20122013England00
Paying Your Way In Winter20122013Christmas21
Peace On Earth20062007Disneyana Special Edition10
Peaceful Pastimes19982000Secret Gardens01
Pear Tree House19911995England97
Peardrop Parlour20012003England00
Pearse's Cottage1989Wall Plaque10
Peasants' Cottage20092010England21
Pen Pals19991999Anniversary22
Pen y Darren20042006Age Of Steam00
Penkill Castle19951998Historic Castles of Britain12
Pennine View20132013Special Editions00
Penny Sweets19921998Village Shops189
Penny's Post19952001England249
Penrith Toffee Shop20072007Special Editions01
Penrith Town Clock20012006Visitor Centre25
Penrith Town Clock in Winter20062006Visitor Centre10
Peppermill Cottage20002003England94
Pepsi Cola Barn19901991American Landmarks41
Perfect Christmas20112015Christmas, Snowed Cottages20
Perfect Game20122013Christmas00
Perfect Peace20152016Christmas Collection00
Perfect Time20142016Christmas, Snowed Cottages00
Periwinkle Cottage19901996England125
Pet's Practice20022004England12
Petticoat Cottage19941995Collectors' Club5317
Picnic Paradise19982000Secret Gardens11
Picture This20092010England20
Piggy Bank20002002England43
Pillar Cottage, Hawkshead20032005England41
Pineapple Spa20102012England00
Pink Splash Phone Box20132013Mono00
Pink Splash Post Box20132013Mono01
Pink Splash Post Office20132013Mono00
Pioneer Barn19901991American Landmarks51
Pipit Toll19951998England152
Pippin Post20082009England01
Pitlochry Lodge20082010The British Collection, Scotland00
Pixie House19921995England50
Pixie House, Boscastle20092011England11
Plas Mawr20082009The British Collection, Wales & Ireland00
Ploughman's Cottage19921993Special Editions72
Plum Cottage19951995Christmas Ornament55
Pockerley Manor Beamish20012001Limited Editions20
Poppy Terrace20142015The British Collection, England00
Porlock Down19951996Collectors' Club1210
Portland Bill20032005Illuminated10
Portland Bill20032005The Lighthouse Collection10
Portland Street19961996Facades00
Post Box Corner20102014Two of a Kind00
Postman's Knock20062008England10
Potters Beck19961998England41
Potting Shed Corner20102012Two of a Kind01
Precious Moments Chapel19992004Special Editions10
Preston Mill19851992The British Collection, Scotland194
Pretty As A Picture20032006England01
Pretty in Pink20142016England00
Pride And Joy20022004England22
Pride And Joy20022004Special Editions22
Pride of Scotland20042009The British Collection, Scotland12
Primrose Hill19911996England156
Princess NyneveLand of Legend12
Puddle Duck19982000England13
Puddlebrook19911992Collectors' Club446
Puffin Row19921997England14
Pull's Ferry20052006Limited Editions02
Punch House, The20162016England30
Puppy Love20102010Sales Promotion01
Purbeck Stores19931997England193
Purrfect20042005Lamplight Village21
Push The Boat Out20102010Annual Edition00
Pussy Willow19921993Collectors' Club5011
PYO Beach Hut Style 1Paint Your Own01
PYO Beach Hut Style 2Paint Your Own10
PYO Beach Hut Style 3Paint Your Own10
PYO Beach Hut Style 4Paint Your Own10
PYO Brick Terrace20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Cinema20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Comprehensive School20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Country School20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Farm Building20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Fish & Chip Corner20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Industrial Units20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Norman Country Church20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO PonyPaint Your Own11
PYO Post OfficePaint Your Own11
PYO PubPaint Your Own10
PYO Railway Terrace20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO ShopPaint Your Own40
PYO Shop Terrace20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO The Kings Arms Corner20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Town Post Office20132015Full Steam Ahead00
PYO Tudor Farmhouse20132015Full Steam Ahead00

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