Lilliput Lane Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection eBay
Rags to Riches20012002Limited Editions20
Railway Cottage19961999England78
Railway Terrace20132014Full Steam Ahead00
Rainbow's End19991999Special Editions72
Rambling Rose19911995American Landmarks00
Rampant Lion20052007The British Collection, Scotland00
Raspberry Ripple20032004England32
Reading at Shrewsbury Library20112012Collectors' Club11
Reading Cottage1984Paint Your Own20
Red Leicester20142016England00
Red Lion Inn19831987England46
Red Mount in Winter20102011Limited Editions00
Red Mount, King's Lynn20102011Limited Editions00
Red Splash Phone Box20132015Mono Splash00
Red Splash Post Box20132015Mono Splash00
Red Splash Post Office20132015Mono Splash00
Reflections Of Jade19961996Limited Editions81
Rembrandt Van Rijn19911998Netherlands00
Repository Of Magic1989Land of Legend22
Restful Retreat20062007England21
Revolution House20052006England00
Ring For Service20062006Anniversary21
Ring O' Bells19941997Christmas Specials154
Rising Sun19881992England82
River Meadow Manor20052006Collectors' Club11
Riverside Chapel19901993American Landmarks81
Riverside Cottage20052006England10
Roadside Coolers19901994American Landmarks112
Robert Burns' Cottage20052006The British Collection, Scotland11
Robin Cottage19931993Christmas Ornament173
Robins Gate19901996England209
Rocket20032006Age Of Steam01
Roll Out The Barrel20032003Anniversary37
Romany Wedding20092012England01
Romney Marsh Church20142016England00
Rose Bouquet19972001England64
Rose Castle Cottage20012002England02
Rose Cottage19911997Blaise Hamlet1210
Rose Cottage19911997Classics1210
Rose Cottage Plate19961996Miscellaneous01
Rose Cottage Skirsgill I19911991Special Editions72
Rose Cottage Skirsgill II19911994Special Editions00
Rose Cottage Skirsgill III19942001Visitor Centre00
Rosemary Cottage19961999England24
Roses Are Red20002002England42
Rossett Watermill20032005The British Collection, Wales & Ireland11
Rosslyn Chapel20092012The British Collection, Scotland00
Rosslyn Chapel in Winter20092011The British Collection, Scotland00
Rosy RaftersPaint Your Own10
Rotundo The Tuscan1989Land of Legend10
Round House, Monmouth20052007The British Collection, Wales & Ireland11
Round Tower Windsor Castle20022003Britain in Miniature44
Round Tower, Windsor Castle19982016Britain in Miniature15
Round Tower, Windsor Castle19982016Britain's Heritage15
Rovers Return Inn20122014Coronation St.01
Rowan Lodge19901991Special Editions90
Royal Oak Inn19881991England51
Royal Sovereign20032006Age Of Steam00
Ruby CottagePaint Your Own30
Rudyard Lake20102011England00
Runswick House19901998England2611
Rustic Charm20062008England21
Rustic Root House19921997England123
Rydal Cottage19951998Lakeland Christmas55
Rydal Mount20102012England00
Rydal View19871989England70

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